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This COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it has caused are sure to stress you out. This is where a little personal care can help you feel relaxed. How about incorporating a facial massage into your beauty routine?

Celebrity esthetician Nichola Joss, who has clients like Meghan Markle, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss to her credit, says that a daily facial massage removes tension and stress from muscle tissue. It plumps and hydrates the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Using your hands and tools like gua sha and jade rollers can help reduce water retention, sculpt your jawline, deflate tired eyes, and refresh dull skin to rejuvenate the face without makeup.

Here’s a getting started guide and the tools to use.

Start with your hands

To get started, try a facial massage with just your hands. According to Joss, after you’ve cleansed your skin and washed your hands, apply some facial oil and start massaging from the center of your face, working outward and upward to sculpt the contours of your face, which will begin to remove all traces up to the tension.

Use a face oil rich in antioxidants, flaxseed, carrot, rosemary and walnut oils that will leave you with plump, glowing skin in the morning and would be perfect for your evening skincare routine.

“Work along your jawline with your fingers and knuckles to help relieve tension from the jaw. Go under the cheekbones and around the eyes, focusing on the brow muscles at the top of the nose, sweeping outward, ”Joss adds.

Finally, use the palms of your hands to make large circular movements on either side of the neck. Joss explains that it “drains congestion and reduces puffiness.”

Why is it worth using a tool

There are many tools that can help you with a facial massage, gua sha and jade rollers are two of the most commonly used right now – you will no doubt have seen them on your Instagram feed – and both have a story based on Chinese Philosophy and Medicine.

Gua sha is a small, flat jade tool with rounded edges, and a jade roller is a painting style tool with a larger stone on one end for your cheeks, forehead, and jawbone, and a smaller stone on the other. end for under the eyes and around the mouth.

Using a gua sha tool allows you to work deeper into the muscles for a deeper release of tension. The treatment eliminates any accumulation of lactic acid and promotes lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage encourages the movement of lymph fluid around the body to reduce swelling and fluid build-up in areas like the neck and jaw.

How to use your tools

Joss recommends the Jade Facial Roller, which can be refrigerated for 10 minutes before use for a cooling effect, especially on puffy eyes from sleepless nights. Gently roll it over your skin, working in small sections.

Jade rollers are also particularly useful for smoothing sheet masks on your skin, removing air pockets, and ensuring your skin absorbs as much product as possible for a rosy finish.

Also try a beauty restorative facial massage tool, with face oil, taking the rounded edge and gently squeezing it all over the face, neck, and décolleté for one minute every evening. Remember to press and hold the tool under and over your eyes closed, press and stroke it along your neck to drain excess fluid from the lymph nodes.

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