My fiance is delighted that I became a cam girl

I first came across the camera thanks to my makeup artist job (Photo: Ella Byworth for

I was sitting on my bed, wearing a black lace bodysuit and a silk dressing gown, sweating buckets.

My first client had to log in at all times and I expected them to ask me to do something dirty right away.

But I had no reason to worry. I couldn’t see the man, so I have no idea what he looked like or how old he was, but he was a gentleman. He wanted the so called “girlfriend experience” so we just chatted for about half an hour.

My new career as a cam girl, performing nude or sexual activities for paid viewers online, had begun.

My fiance, Matt *, was delighted.

Matt and I have been together for over seven years, and it’s safe to say we’re not the romantic type. He asked me to marry him several times at random and I usually joked that he should come back when he got a ring.

Last year he did just that and I was thrilled, but when we started discussing what type of wedding we wanted we knew it wouldn’t be cheap.

In lockdown we both got the chance to keep our full-time jobs – Matt works in construction and I was a makeup artist – and we earn enough to get along comfortably, but to have the wedding of our dreams we do. would do. need around £ 6,000 as soon as possible.

We didn’t set a date but knew we wanted the wedding to be soon because her mother has dementia and we want her to remember it.

I came across caming for the first time thanks to my job.

A few of my clients worked for Babestation, an adult TV channel, and they got me thinking. They drove new cars and had a lot of vacations, so I knew it was money. I didn’t consider other options, I knew adult cam sites was the medium I wanted to win.

I had never considered taking my kit off in front of the camera before, but I am very confident and have the typical “look” – blonde hair, lip fillers and a lot of makeup, so I decided to give it a try. .

I did a lot of research before I got started and found Off The Record, an agency that works with cam girl models and promotes female empowerment, which was important to me.

A few conversations later and an application form later, I was ready. I was signed up and sat on my bed for the first customer to log in. Customers can search the site and find exactly what they are looking for, by viewing our profiles and “about me” and photos.

I quickly learned that a lot of clients just want to talk, flirt, and sometimes play a bit. It can be anything, whether it’s watching me use toys or carrying out their requests.

For example, I have a guy who likes me to put sexy dresses on him. The people are so much friendlier than I expected; these are just normal people you would meet in everyday life, rather than shady men.

Likewise, I had imagined that it would all be about sex and undressing, but it really isn’t.

Illustration of a Woman Having an Orgasm
Camming has been so successful it’s now my only job (Photo: Ella Byworth for

Now that I’ve been around for a few months, I’m so much more confident with the cam, and quite open to the weird and the wonderful. If someone has an addiction or a fantasy, it is a bit out of the ordinary, it doesn’t shock me anymore.

This does not mean that there are no challenges at work.

Sometimes you have men who like humiliation scenarios, where guys like me tell them they’re unworthy of me, or that they have a little dick – things of that nature.

I like that too, because it makes things interesting, but it’s hard when a client asks you to do something you don’t want to do.

For example, I recently had a guy who halfway through our session asked me to choke on me and it made me uncomfortable, so I declined the request and he said. left the session.

I was still paid for the time we are talking about before – but I prefer to lose money which risks my morals. I became more confident saying no. I would never do anything that made me feel unsafe.

On other occasions, I just can’t bother doing a sexy number – there are days when I wish I could just put on my fluffy pajamas instead.

There is also a lot of stigma in this work. A lot of people judge me, and even my fiance, for agreeing with the camera – which is ironic, because he actually wanted me to.

He is quite kinky in general, and very open and supports me in exploring new things, so there is no jealousy. He’s just going to watch TV, or watch me while I’m on cam – we’re kinda relaxed like that.

Camming has been so successful that it is now my only job, and it has saved us for the wedding and made a living on the money as well.

I earn around £ 400-600 per week and it’s slowly going up. My goal is to earn £ 1000 a week by next month.

It is also flexible work. I can integrate it into my daily routine, as a caming when the kids are out or the baby is napping. I just got out of my room.

There are no rules or fixed hours, it really gives me the freedom that I always wanted and that allows me to earn money and be successful as a mom.

Matt often comments on how much confidence the work has given me, which I really feel about myself as well. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, the money is too good to miss.

I can’t wait to book our wedding next year either – and I won’t have to worry about the cost.

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* Names have been changed

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