Is facial massage the key to taking your beauty ritual to the next level?


Two words: lymphatic drainage. By massaging the face, you circulate blood and lymph, the latter containing toxins and cellular waste. Draining the lymph leads to reduced fluid buildup – which can make your face look swollen – and immediately brightens the complexion. “Massage also helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which reduce fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes and accelerate skin regeneration, and it has an incredible relaxing effect,” says Rose Gwet, founder of Luxcey , a line of beauty treatments inspired by her. Cameroon native. “This is essential for radiant and healthy skin, regardless of your age,” explains Léa Bégin, founder of Beauties Lab in Montreal. “Plus, it makes your skin care products more effective. It’s like breathing life into your face!

Where to start

If you are new to this area, Gwet’s advice is to start with a short, simple massage with your hands. “It’s the magic formula for an effective massage while also integrating it naturally into your skin care routine,” she says. You can work certain areas of your face by massaging with your fingertips or making small pinches, but Gwet recommends working primarily with your hands flat in sweeping motions, as this approach allows you to feel the structure of your face. Bégin launched the Minéra porcelain massage tool, made in Quebec, last November. “The porcelain used is not porous and is more resistant than quartz or jade gua shas, ​​in addition it is thermally conductive,” she says. “And the matte finish provides better grip.

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