Gua Sha: Benefits of facial massage at home

With winter dragging on and spas closed for the moment, a facial treatment feels like a long lost dream. Luckily, we’ve got something to help you in the meantime and, once you fall in love, beyond. Gua Sha tools can be used for amazing and quite affordable home facial treatment. If you haven’t heard of these trendy little stones yet, we’re here to give you a beginner’s guide to all things Gua Sha.

What is Gua Sha?

While Gua Sha beauty tools have recently become a trend in the West, they are anything but a new practice. Dating back nearly 700 years, this traditional Chinese medicine exercise was originally used to eliminate disease. Truly, Gua Sha loosely translates to “scraping the sand”. The stones are usually carved from jade or rose quartz, the reason being that these crystals are naturally cool and soothing when placed on the skin. Although traditionally used to fight disease, Gua Sha tools are more commonly known among Westerners as a beauty regimen. The practice is known to reduce puffiness, promote blood circulation for a natural glow, and promote lymphatic drainage. When done correctly, Gua Sha can even help relieve pain and stimulate circulation for digestion, breastfeeding, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and more!

How to use Gua Sha tools?

To use Gua Sha tools effectively, it is best to start with a clean face. Face oil is recommended for the stones to move smoothly. With light pressure, you will scrape the tool along the contours of your face and neck starting at the center and moving outward. Stones should be held at an angle close to the face, never used perpendicular along the edge. They are designed to fit each section of the face, depending on which side you are using. We strongly recommend that you watch a few tutorials rather than creating your own technique.

Does Gua Sha Work?

I tried the Gua Sha facial technique a few months ago when my friend sent me some tools. I had never heard of the practice before but was intrigued nonetheless. After watching tutorials I tried it out for myself and the results spoke for themselves. After only a month of use, I had a sharper jawline and my cheekbones seemed higher. So much so that even my friends and family started commenting on it. Not only does my face look more defined, but it’s amazing too. The 5-10 minute process is quite meditative, then you will feel very relaxed as if you had just received a facial massage. Within minutes of starting my routine, I find that the tension in my face is relieved, my jaw loosens, and my forehead wrinkles. I even found that using the tool on the back of the neck helped relieve headaches.

Where to buy Gua Sha tools?

We all support small businesses these days, and it’s even better when they use eco-friendly packaging! Inner Beauty is a local startup of medical esthetician and entrepreneur Alexandra Fox, with the goal of spreading a habit of natural beauty that aids relaxation, health and, more commonly today, contouring. Fox mentions the quick option of injections these days, like Botox and fillers; excellent services too, but not always necessary. “If someone told you, you could get effects similar to injections with a $ 20 stone if you massage your face every day for 10 minutes, wouldn’t you try it?” Of course, technique is important for the massage to be performed correctly and safely, but many would be happy to hear about this amazing option! As a universal law, good things happen to people who wait!

Discover his Instagram page for informative tutorials on how to use and more information on the benefits.

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