Facial products made from cleaned cow dung in India

An increasing number of organic farmers across India are benefiting from government subsidies targeting the growing Indian beef industry. Companies using products derived from cows, but not their meat or skins – cows are sacred to Hindus.

Soaps, shampoos and other personal care products made from cow dung and urine. Even more, they are now peddled by major digital retailers in India – Amazon, Flipkart and eBay.

Umesh Soni, 36, a microbiologist based in Mumbai, is the founder of Cowpathy. He started making his organic range of cow dung soaps in 2012. This brand also uses only indigenous cattle droppings.

Cow dung is collected by hand and heat treated in its factory to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Cowpathy makes a talcum powder substitute made from burnt cow dung and ash; toothpaste made from animal feces, urine distillate and stevia (a sweetener of plant origin used as a binder); a gel under the eyes made from distilled urine; and also shaving and shower creams.

Cow dung and urine facial products

Its most popular item is soap made from panchagauvya. A combination of the top five popular cow products: milk, yogurt, ghee, dung and urine.

“In the early years, I ended up giving away 50% of my stock,” he says. Then sales resumed. It now supplies 400 wholesalers across India and exports to 14 countries.

Soni’s annual turnover of cow products is $ 350,646 and he recently added a line of caffeine-free drinks. Liquid teas are made from herbs and distilled cow urine.

A concoction of herbs roasted on dried cow dung tastes exactly the same as coffee, he says Asia one.

The cow has always been considered a sacred animal by the Hindus. In February 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi created Kamadhenu Aayog. An official advisory body responsible for preparing policies and guidelines for the protection of the Indian cow.

“Aayog will encourage organic farming by using cow’s urine and dung as bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers,” said Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria, president of Kamadhenu Aayog.

Marketing cow dung and other cow products will also help protect cows well beyond their early milking years.

Cow dung facial cleansers and soaps

cow dung

Rajas Paranjpe, 30, and his wife Gautami, 26, both media marketing professionals, started their own beef business called Bodhishop in August 2018.

They also sell a range of biofertilizers made from cow dung and urine, sunscreens, facial cleansers and soaps.

They also source milk from eight of the 43 varieties of native Indian cows. Especially by buying it from organic farmers across the country.

The milk of each breed is processed separately, says Paranjpe, and the dairy products; – especially ghee, a kind of clarified butter widely used in the Indian Ayurvedic health and medicine industry. – are even more their bestsellers.

From 20 orders per month, they are now filling over 200, with revenues now reaching 10 times their first month’s sales volume.

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