Diving Deep Into Deepfakes: Frighteningly Real And Sometimes Used For The Wrong Things

Facebook also said in June that it had developed AI software to not only identify deepfake media, but also to understand where it came from.

In July, AI Singapore launched a five-month competition to design solutions that will help detect fake media, with entrants having access to datasets of original and fake multimedia videos with audio.

Entrants will need to create AI models that estimate the likelihood of a given video being fake, with the winner – expected to be announced in January of next year – earning S $ 100,000 and a seed grant of $ 300,000. S to further develop their solutions. using Singapore as a base.

Beyond the use of AI, Assoc Prof Li said deepfake technologists should also work closely with regulators. “You want to impose laws that essentially prevent illegal use of this type of technology,” he added.


However, Assoc Prof Li pointed out that deepfakes can be used in a positive way, for example to enhance visual effects, including aging in videos. He is currently working with high-end production studios on films using 4K AI synthesis effects, primarily focused on faces.

“One of the technologies we’re developing here in Pinscreen is basically augmenting traditional computer graphics with high-fidelity neural rendering that can run in real-time, so we’ve improved virtual avatars for various applications,” a- he declared.

“It can be used for games, it can be used for creating virtual assistants, but also for very realistic telepresence applications where people can immerse themselves in virtual worlds.”

Assoc Prof Li predicted that deepfake technology will eventually become mainstream, given that people already live in a digital society with various social media tools to change their appearance.

“Once these things look better, people will start to use these technologies differently and go above and beyond what is possible,” he said.

“So maybe you don’t even want to be yourself, you want to be someone else. That, I think, will definitely be an ability that will be available.”

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