8 of the best face products for men

With the arrival of spring, we thought it was the perfect time to put some light on the boys’ side of the vanity. They also say that ‘man’s beauty’ is having a serious time (and we SO agree if that means our husband / boyfriend / other important person is quitting our moisturizer. Holy Grail).

Guys, if really close shaves for the smoothest skin are on the schedule for the new coming season, these are our favorite facial products, specially designed for you.

1. A beard oil for the best groomed facial hair

beard mark | Spicy Citrus Beard Oil

Keep your facial hair fresh and fresh with beard oil. It is best applied right after cleansing your face and will moisturize the skin under your facial down while keeping the hair in place and well-groomed. This one also feels amazing and is incredibly light. Tick, tick and tick!

2. The ultimate all-round moisturizer

Évo | Winners Face Balm

Stay away from your girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) moisturizer. Hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin while reducing redness and tightness. Apply this super easy to use moisturizer every morning; it will absorb immediately and you will be ready to face the day ahead.

3. The easiest eye cream to use

Perricone MD | Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum

Have you ever had the feeling that your eyes look a bit tired and dull, no matter how many hours of sleep or double-serve espresso you’ve taken? We have the solution ; eye serum. Skin Care Lesson 101: Products That Contain Vitamin C Brighten And Boost Dull Or Tired Skin, Which Is Exactly Why We Love It this eye serum, it fights dark circles and fine lines.

4. A must have to keep your lips from cracking

V76 | Lip balm

Do you know what is never attractive no matter the season? Chapped lips. Keep them at bay with a high quality lip balm on you at all times. This one is enriched with all the good stuff (think super nourishing coconut, sunflower and jojoba oil) and continues without shine. Our little insider tip is to apply a thick layer to your lips just before bed to wake up with the softest of man’s pouts.

5. To shave more closely

Dr Bronners | Lemongrass Lime Organic Shaving Soap

Enriched with organic ingredients, like Paraguayan sugar, coconut, olive and shikakai powder from India that nourish and cleanse your facial hair (fancy!), this shaving soap is like a mini party for your facial hair and promises the smoothest shave every time.

7. A “special occasion” face mask

Estée Lauder | 3 Minute Detox Mask

Do we know what you’re thinking of, a face mask, seriously? But listen to us, a quick face mask before a special event or a big night out will refresh your skin and make you look your best (party, blackheads, rashes and dull complexion!) … This one works, it’s super fast magic and only needs to stay in place for 3 minutes, so you can apply and rinse off before anyone notices.

7. The beauty gadget you never knew you needed …

Clarisonique | Alpha Cup

Do you like deep cleansing and such a fresh face? Clarisonic (every girl’s best friend) recently launched a cleansing brush just for boys. Think of it like an electric toothbrush for your face, use this little gem at the end of each day with your favorite cleanser and it will remove dead skin and reveal a fresh face after each use.

8. A facial scrub to reveal the softest skin

Dermalogica | Daily scrub

A miracle multitasking which removes dead skin cells, cleans pores, removes excess sebum and stimulates skin cell renewal. It’s also perfect to use before shaving to help minimize ingrown hairs.

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