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Without frequent weekend trips to our favorite overseas destinations, most of us are feeling like shit right now. But there are plenty of other ways to relax and make yourself feel like life isn’t that bad, actually.

After all, there’s no reason you can’t look, feel, and love yourself from the comfort of your own home with the help of high-tech gadgets and tools.

Rather than committing to expensive packages and then living in fear that Covid-19 will send the company to its grave, you may want to invest in DIY devices that can be used around the home without having to to make reservation in advance.

Before you fork out any money for pampering, check to see if there are more affordable alternatives. We’ve compiled a list of five self-care devices or treatments that can replace frequent trips to the salon or clinic.

1. Face care gadget (from 408)

Giving a facial is an extremely relaxing experience (as long as there are no painful extractions), but having a good skincare regimen at home is far more important.

In addition to using effective skin care products and making sure you use a mask and exfoliate optimally, consider these high-tech options that offer skin treatments that mimic salon treatments.

OPTIMIZER VOYAGE TRI-LIGHT ++ by Skin Inc (Price: 408)

This rechargeable device uses LED chromotherapy and sonic technology to stimulate your skin to lift, sculpt and give it a beautiful glow.

About 10 minutes of low-frequency stimulation encourages skin cells to regenerate, improves blood and lymph circulation, and helps your skincare products penetrate deeper.

DRx SpectraLite ™ FaceWare Pro (Price: $ 709)

Put this portable device on your head after cleaning, turn it on, and you will enjoy a 3-minute LED treatment that is supposed to fight acne, reduce wrinkles, and minimize discoloration.

Choose between several modes depending on whether you want to boost collagen production or reduce rashes.

For comparison, here’s how much you have to pay if you indulge in a facial treatment session in a beauty salon:

Beauty salon Price
Jean Yip $ 28 for the first try of the R6 personalized facial treatment (up to $ 235)
Sulwhasoo $ 200 for the Hydro-Aid Soothing Moisturizer
Spirit Spa $ 180 for the Crystal Tonic facial treatment
Érabelle $ 276.50 for a Skin Oasis Restorative Treatment or Extreme Restorative Anti-Aging Facial
Estetica $ 68 for the personalized face (promotion)

2. uCozy massager ($ 149)

Eliminate your aches, pains and woes with a DIY massage at home. While your room might not have the same luxurious feel as a spa, the upside is that you can get a massage as often as you want on a budget.

uCozy X Disney (Price: $ 149)

Receive a soothing neck and shoulder massage with this adorable Mickey or Minnie Mouse handheld device.

Simply place the device on the back of your sofa or on a propped pillow, lean back and enjoy the massage. It also comes with a car adapter so that you can use it while on the go as well.

For comparison, here’s how much you have to pay if you prefer the human touch in a massage parlor:

Massage parlor Price
Healing touch $ 55 for 60 minutes of Thai massage / 4P tension / deep tissue / moxa / shiatsu
The spa $ 42 for a 30-minute Urban Fusion / Royal Balinese / Classic Swedish Retreats body massage
Natureland $ 72.72 for a 60-minute body therapy
G Spa $ 159 for a 60-minute massage
Massage master $ 60 for a 60-minute body massage

3. JustSmile Teeth Whitening Kit ($ 78)

Restore the pearly whiteness of your teeth after years of staining with coffee with an at-home teeth whitening kit, rather than going to a dental clinic for treatment.

Some dental clinics also offer home whitening kits that cost several times as much.

JustSmile ™ Teeth Whitening Kit (Price: $ 78)

This kit claims that you will see results in 6 days, each application daily for 15 to 25 minutes. The kit uses a purple LED to break down the pigment molecules in your teeth.

First you stick the dual light technology device in your mouth, then you use the whitening pen on your teeth.

For comparison, here’s how much you have to pay if you opt for teeth whitening at a dental clinic:

4. IPL hair removal tool (from $ 549)

Don’t want to scare people with your body hair or find defuzzing with a razor or epilator too annoying? IPL devices can remove hair from your body in a way that discourages it from growing back over time and is more convenient than a trip to the hair removal salon.

Braun Silk-expert Pro 3 PL3111 (Price: $ 549)

This handheld device removes body hair using IPL technology and promises visible hair reduction in 3 months.

This means that less hair should grow back over time, allowing you to shave or wax less often. The treatments are meant to be gentle and virtually painless.

Datsumo Labo hair removal device (price: $ 1,388 upon purchase; $ 138 per month + $ 552 registration fee to rent for 7 months with a 4 month free trial)

Datsumo Labo hair removal salon now sells a handheld hair removal device that can be used at home. It can be bought or rented. The device is sufficient for 300,000 shots or 300 cycles of body hair removal, in order to permanently stop regrowth.

They recommend using it twice a week in one area, although you may increase the frequency if you don’t experience any results, depending on your body’s reaction to the treatment.

For comparison, here’s how much you have to pay if you purchase a laser hair removal treatment session or package:

Salon Price
Japan IPL Express $ 1.98 per hit, 50% off for 200 hits and more (lower legs require around 100-180 hits)
Datsumo Lab $ 38 for mini-zones, $ 68 for classic zones, $ 88 for exclusive zones

Basic package: $ 198 per session for 7 zones

Jean Yip $ 55 for 5 IPL permanent underarm hair removal sessions (October promotion, up to $ 630)
Museum $ 961 for 12 treatments on the lower leg areas + 12 free underarm sessions
Aesthetic only $ 158 for the 1st year of unlimited underarm hair removal

5. Ogawa fitness equipment ($ 798)

If you’re too lazy to work out but don’t want your entire body turning to jelly, one option is to purchase a vibrating plate that does the job for you.

Just step up, flip the switch, and you’ll feel like you’re practicing with the vibrating motion.

Ogawa Ez Wave Lite Full Body Exerciser (Price: $ 798)

Instead of spending on different types of gym equipment, count on the Ogawa Ez Wave Lite for all your body toning needs. You train while standing, sitting or leaning on the device and let the vibrations work their magic.

The device oscillates to send high frequency vibratory signals through your body, causing your muscles to contract with little effort required on your part and helping you burn calories, tone and reduce fat .

Of course, you can’t really compare the benefits of buying the Ogawa Ez Wave Lite to going to the gym regularly or having a full exercise routine.

But at $ 798, it’s probably cheaper than joining a big gym chain for a year, and it takes a lot less effort.

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