Hudson Valley Luxury Home Specialists

Hudson Valley Luxury Home SpecialistsWhen it comes to selling a luxury home there are some special considerations that need to be made. When I speak about luxury homes, I am referring to those special homes that retail for $800,000 or more. Needless to say that when dealing with a property

Where to Invest in Costa Rica

Where to Invest in Costa RicaMany people who love to travel and want to invest have considered making a Costa Rica real estate investment. Buying real estate in Costa Rica or an investment is a great way to make money if you start a business or it is a great way to find a low cost vacation or retirement home.


How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Your Home

How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Your HomeThe secret disclosed on how you too could achieve financial freedom through property (and tell the pension companies just where to stick their measly, worthless ‘pensions’) Geoff Morris is a self-made property millionaire who made it in less than

Jupiter Farms, Home on the Range

Jupiter Farms, Home on the RangeJupiter Farms is a popular, semi – rural community of about 16 square miles near the coast of Florida. Here on home sites of 1.25 acres or more, residents can own horses, enjoy the frequent visits by wildlife, have a big garden or just enjoy the peace and quiet away from the restrictions

Vaastu Shastra – A Science Misconstrued

Vaastu Shastra - A Science MisconstruedVaastushastra as we all know is an ancient Indian architectural science. It contains principles to ensure a harmonious balance between man & nature thereby bringing happiness, health, wealth & prosperity. However as an Architect I see how people now have started practicing vastu